Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Stanley Fulham's predictions fulfilled...

Pleased to meet you...
Albert Webre has done an admirable job in compiling evidence of Stanley Fulham's predictions and their completion.  As most people who follow this subject know, it all began with the NYC UFOs sighted on Oct. 13, 2010. According to Webre's article, the predicted Moscow and London UFOs also came in on schedule.

There wasn't a whole lot of fanfare in the media and, of course, that was disappointing as usual.  The sightings in London were also rather fleeting, not like the long duration of the NY sightings. But die hard UFO buffs will take anything they can get, especially when the sightings were predicted well in advance and seem to fulfill the predicted timelines, more or less.

It is really tragic for true believers to have lost a contact like Fulham.  We were hoping for additional information from him.  Maybe someone will come forward to fill the void who will prove to be just as accurate.  There are no other channels who have been able to predict sightings with any real precision.  There was Prophet Yahweh and Blossom Goodchild.  Yahweh proved to be something of a flake, and Blossom was just dead wrong with her Oct. 2008 prediction.  There have been others that were less notable,  but they were every bit as disappointing.

That was the principle value of Stanley Fulham as a UFO contactee.  He seems to have been right on target every time he made a prediction.  The upshot of all this is that in 2014, his ET contacts have promised to give a speech at the UN, after which a major clean up of the Earth will commence using their advanced technology.  Presumably our consciousness will be elevated enough by then to accept their presence without totally freaking out.  It seems like an eternity away, but I'm hoping for additional confirmation of the existence of UFOs and ETs coming from high ranking government officials long before that date.

This video is of UFOs over London taken the first week of January: